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  • Fallen Knight – Ghost Paladin – Bite the Bullet – 32mm Fantasy D&D Miniature

    awesome mini sif the bestest boy would be proud of his friend :)
    Posted By Carl Palmer On Monday 26th of February 2024
  • Flesh Carver – Demon Warrior Lord – Bite the Bullet – Dungeons and Dragons

    had one of these made up was still on supports but nice and easy to remove took another day to finish setting where I had to remove the supports
    Posted By C On Tuesday 20th of February 2024
  • Greed Demon – Hell Monster – Bite the Bullet – Dungeons and Dragons

    wow this model is cool a lot bigger than was expecting gotta find the right colours and paint this beauty of a beast now
    Posted By Carl Palmer On Monday 17th of June 2024

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