Custom Prints


Interested in having a truly unique figurine for your collection, game, display or hobby? We offer a 3D printing service for people who have their designs ready but are unable to print them or need help with their supports. (An essential element of 3D printing)

So what can I get printed?

To print a file we require a .STL file of the desired object. This can vary from creatures, accessories, characters or even scenery. There are size and complexity limitations and the .STL must be created solid with 3D printing in mind. For most figures of 28mm or 32mm scale there will be little issue. We will work with you on any complications via email.


Where do I get my own designs?

Currently, we do not offer a custom figure creation of our own, so we can instead guide you to other methods of creating a custom figure. The most affordable options are sites like Heroforge and Anvil that offer character creation tools not unlike an RPG game. These sites offer an option for you to purchase the digital version or the physical print. Since a lot of these companies are based in the USA we realise the physical print can often be costly. When buying the .STL file of a custom figure, it unfortunately does not come “print ready” and must be supported.

People proficient with 3D creating software such as Blender, Z-Brush or Maya may be able to create even more unique figures or designs that match a desired style or certain look. If you are unable to create your own designs there are carious freelance artists who can create them for you for a prince you would negotiate upon. Bear in mind this could range anywhere from £50 to several thousand. Most humanoid figurines I would expect to cost between £300 – £500 but this figure will vary on your artist, their availability and price range, and your design. Freelance artists can be found on Fiver or ArtStation.


Our Printing Service

Since no two figurines are completely alike, each new figure we encounter must be supported and made ready for print on an individual basis. We support the 3D figures to be “print ready” and we can also print the figure as often as you would like.


What are the prices?

If you have a 3D printer of your own but need help with the supports we can support mos standard humanoid figures for £4.99 and provide you the supported STL.

If you are After a physical copy of the figure, we can support and print the figure for £9.99, sending you the fully 3D Printed figure. Any additional copies of the figure would cost £7.99 as we will take the £2 for the supporting service included in the physical print.



Prices are given here as an example for a model of medium complexity printed up to 32mm’s in scale. Fore more complex or larger prints that require additional supporting work or extra printing requirements, price will increase to match the work involved.


I have my file and I need it printed, now what?

Please email us with your .STL file attached and as many details as you feel necessary for your request at and we will get in touch with a quote and take it from there. All custom prints must be handled via email


How long will it take?

Printing will take our standard 3-5 working days, although we often aim for sooner. However, since models will need individual attention for supports, additional time will be necessary. We will discuss deadlines with you via email.