All of these are 32mm scale. Yet they are clearly different sizes and when printed will at different sizes. A misconception is that 32mm scale means that the model comes at 32mm tall. The reality is that 32mm scale is a reference to the consistent sizing of the world. A “standard”  adult human will be around 32mm from the base of the feet to his eyeline (not the top of their heads). Every creature great and small will then be in a proportionate scale to that 32mm baseline. If a giant is 3 times the size of a human being in real life (as I’d assume giants are…) then in the 32mm scale version it will also be 3 times larger, bringing it to 96mm’s tall.

So remember, 32mm scale is a reference guide for the size of the world, not a measurement for each model.

The models we produce vary in their choice of how to interpret that scale. Signum Games Gnomes and Dwarves are much larger than Artisan Guilds. Most of our creators use 32mm “Heroic” Scale. Heroic scale just means that certain features and proportions are more exaggerated than anatomically correct, so a clearer expression, larger hands and oversized weapons can feel appropriate.

Popular wargaming and tabletop games are trending towards 32mm as standard, but some use 28mm scale for smaller figures. If you would like your mini’s printed at 28mm scale, please add a note on your purchase and we can adjust the print for you.