Your first 3D Printed Miniature

Miniature Aftercare

So you just ordered your first 3D printed miniature, it has arrived in the mail and you're uncertain what to do next in order to get it tabletop ready.

Have no fear in this post I'll describe the steps, tips and tricks, you can take to ensure a highly detailed and usable miniature ready for painting or playing.

What you should have:

If you ordered a figure, you may receive it on these strange supports. This is required during the printing process to ensure the figure prints with all of its details in the correct places and nothing falls off during printing. For most prints, these will be easy to remove by hand. As long as your miniature isn't too delicate, just grip firmly and tear it off the supports.


If you aren't confident in this process, you can do it whilst submerging the miniature in hot water, this should reduce potential risk of damage.

Now you'll have a miniature and the supports left over. You can throw away the supports or if you have any creative ideas for them, go ahead, but for now we're focusing on the miniature.

Delicate or intricate models on supports I would advise using clippers or a hobby knife to remove them safely without potentially breaking your miniature.

What to do next:

So now you have your figure, but it may feel like it has some flex to it or a rubbery texture. This is because we provide the resin miniatures on their supports partially cured. We do this because during its postal journey to you, the supports can more reliably maintain the shape of the print without causing breakages or damage in transit.

Now that your miniature is free of its supports you can wash it with soap and water to remove any residue or dust. After it is cleaned, if the model requires assembly, now is the time to do so. Use superglue to assemble your model and let it dry in place. Before you can paint your figure however you must allow it to fully cure. To do this, place it on a windowsill, or outdoors in direct sunlight for 2 to 4 hours. This will fully cure your miniature and lock everything in place, it will become slightly more brittle as it will lose some of its flex, but this is a necessary step with resin miniatures.

Alternatively if you have a UV lamp, you can cure the miniature using a UV lamp for 2 minutes to have your miniature fully cured.

And we're done:

Now that your miniature is fully cured you'll notice a slight change to the colour of your figure, the details may have crisped up ever so slightly too. This miniature is now ready for painting or general tabletop use. You can paint directly onto resin miniatures without an undercoat, but you can also use an undercoat if you're used to painting them in that way.

We hope this was helpful, and we hope you enjoy your miniatures. Happy gaming!