10x Held Thunder Hammers - Compatible with Space Marine Smash Captain 40k bits custom primaris

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You will get 10x unpainted resin 3D printed thunderhammers gripped in a hand. 5x Left handed and 5x Right handed.

I will only ship prints that have printed out at a full level of detail with no errors. These are made with resin, which unlike PLA or FDM printers are high quality.

At request I can create new lots via ebay with other custom parts, but all sales will be done through ebay for buyer and seller protection.

These are ideal for a smash captain or a full squadron using thunder hammers.

Please check my other items being sold.

These are all to scale with primaris and standard warhammer 40k space marines. 

Army: Space Marines
Chapter/Regiment: Ultramarines
Brand: Games Workshop
Type: Mixed Lot
Miniature Condition: Unassembled & Unpainted
Age Level: 12+
Features: Bulk/Lot