15x Gripped handles for custom conversions Marines bits accessories sci fi

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You will get 15x unpainted resin 3D printed custom hands gripping handles without a top or bottom attachment. These are compatible with Warhammer 40k Space Marines and Primaris.

These parts are intended for you to customise however you like. 

9x Right Handed (3 of each different grips; upright, angled and pointed)
6x Left Handed (2 of each different grips; upright, angled and pointed)

If you have spare axes, swords, hammers or any kind of bits that need to find some new purpose or life, these are designed to allow you to attach them to the top of the gripped handle and create your own weapons.

They can be used short or extended into long poled two-handed style weapons gripped in one hand with the extensions provided by attaching to the base of the handle.

I have modelled these hands and handles myself digitally. I will only ship prints that have printed out at a full level of detail with no errors. These are made with resin, which unlike PLA or FDM printers are high quality.

These are all to scale with standard wargaming soldiers. 

The painted marine is for display purposes only, this bid is for unpainted resin as shown in other pictures.

Modified Item: No
Custom Bundle: Yes
Army: Primaris Space Marines
Type: Mixed Lot
Features: Limited Release/Unreleased Minature
MPN: Does Not Apply
Chapter/Regiment: Ultramarines
Miniature Condition: Unassembled & Unpainted
Age Level: 12+
Brand: Games Workshop
Game: Warhammer
Bundle Description: 10x Custom Primaris Reinforced Shoulderpads Space Marine bits Warhammer 40k