16x Melee Power Weapon Bundle Sci-fi Compatible w/ Warhammer 40k Bits Conversion

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You will get 16x Mixed Weapons consisting of:

2x Ebon Keshig Polearms
2x Spears
2x Chainswords
2x Templar Swords
2x Power Axes
2x Katanas
2x Power Hammer
2x Lightning Claw

All are right handed, except the Lightning Claws which come both left and right variety. 
At request I can create new lots via ebay with different parts, but all sales will be done through ebay for buyer and seller protection.

These are designed to allow you to create your own special weapon units.

Please check my other items being sold.

These are all to scale with primaris and standard warhammer 40k space marines for conversion purposes. 

This bid is for unpainted resin as shown in pictures.

Please note: All figures are 32mm scale unless stated otherwise. Miniatures and some accessories are printed on demand once your order is processed. Please allow for 1-2 days additional time to print and quality check orders for postage when ordering miniatures. We aim to get things printed within 24 hours of your purchase. Thank you for your understanding and thank you for checking out Dynamic Prints.
Army: Space Marines
Type: Mixed Lot
Features: Bulk/Lot
Chapter/Regiment: Ultramarines
Miniature Condition: Unassembled & Unpainted
Brand: Games Workshop
EAN: Does not apply