Axe Knight - Darkness Chaos miniature

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This Axe Knight miniature is a fantastic alternative for other chaos and slave to darkness based units in fantasy armies.

The model is sculpted and designed by Manuel Boria and Dynamic Prints is a listed merchant of their designs.

This miniature is perfect for Dungeons and Dragons, painting for display purposes, use with other boardgames or simply to enjoy and admire. 

Printed in resin with crisp and clear details, this miniature does not come with a base. This figured will be posted still on its resin supports for safer transport and for your own care and removal. I recommend removal using a hobby knife for delicate areas. Allow additional curing time for the resin in direct sunlight for several hours once removed from supports. 

Features: Single Figure
Age Level: 17 Years & Up
AoS Army: Slaves to Darkness
Game: Warhammer
Game Version: Age of Sigmar
Miniature Condition: Unassembled & Unpainted
WFB Army: Warriors of Chaos
Brand: Games Workshop
Type: Single Minature