Dorcia Female Orc Warchief Throne - Dynamic Prints Exclusive 35mm Miniature D&D

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Dorcia the Orc Warchief  Inspired by concept art from Bayard Wu.

I have always loved strong and powerful women in my games and movies, and nothing is more powerful than a leader of a band of Orcs. Dorcia sits atop a crude throne surrounded by the skulls of her slain enemies and the tusks of primal ancient beasts. 

This model makes for a perfect centrepiece for display or to use as the orcish big bad in your D&D campaign.

Thank you for all of your support to all of my customers. You've made a dream a reality. 

This sculpt is scaled to be 35mm if the character was stood upright from base to head. Actual height varies due to the shape of the throne etc..

This miniature is exclusive to Dynamic Prints Studio and is not available anywhere else.

Sculpted by Alfonso Gonso

Concept art by Bayard Wu