Leeloo - Tiefling Sorcerer Wizard - Dynamic Prints Exclusive 35mm Miniature D&D

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Leeloo is another model for the fans of some of our most popular available prints. While Sophie was designed for a pure pinup, Leeloo is practical for display and gaming use. The Tiefling race is one of the more popular player choices in D&D and I have not been able to find an appropriate sorcerer model for gaming. Leeloo is ideal to fill that gap. 

This version is the more clothed of the two options available.

Thank you for all of your support to all of my customers.

This sculpt stands at around 40mm from base to head. Scaled 35mm to the eyeline.

This miniature is exclusive to Dynamic Prints Studio and is not available anywhere else.

Sculpt and Concept by Lua Garo (Somniacrawler)