Sophie the Spartan - Pinup Bust - Dynamic Prints Exclusive 1/6 Scale Bust Miniature D&D

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Sophie the Spartan  based on the sticker design by Matias Sanchez. This is for the Bust and does come with a printed plinth to stand her on.

Prior to Dynamic Prints Studio, and to this day, I was an avid painter of miniatures and had spent a significant number of hours working on a Warhammer Space Marine army using the colour scheme for the Sons of the Phoenix. Dynamic Prints Studio started out from a single design, the Spartan helmet for Bits and Accessories for conversions, for my own models and personal use but I decided to try to sell them and see how it went. After sales continued to grow and new designs were created, we knew in order to grow the studio into something that would work as a full time job we would have to sell miniatures from other creators and provide a varied and exciting range for our customers. 

The name Sophie comes from the "Son's of the Phoenix" which got me back into the hobby and the Spartan theme came from the helmet. Sophie as a concept art is a result of our customers continued support and a noticeable amount of sales for miniature pinups. As an added perk, any customers who buy a NSFW pinup would often get a Sophie sticker. Following the popularity and trend of the pinups and miniatures on our store, I wanted to give back to the community by working with miniature creators and concept artists to create new and unique sculpts. Sophie is one of the first of many miniatures Dynamic Prints Studio will try to get out into the world. 

Thank you for all of your support to all of my customers. You've made a dream a reality. 

This sculpt stands at around 75mm from base to head. With the plinth and to the top of the crest she is 120mm tall.

This miniature is exclusive to Dynamic Prints Studio and is not available anywhere else.

Sculpted by Alfonso Gonso

Concept art by Matias Sanchez