Space Marine Purity Seals - Compatible with Warhammer 40k Conversion Bits Spare Accessories Resin

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You will get 18x Variety Purity Seals on one sprue as shown in the picture

These are made with resin, which unlike PLA or FDM printers are high quality for crisp detail.

At request I can create new lots via ebay with different amounts or specific selections or other custom parts, but all sales will be done through ebay for buyer and seller protection.

These are designed to emulate the games workshop style of purity seal.

These are all to scale with primaris and standard warhammer 40k space marines. 

The painted dreadnaught uses these purity seals and is for display purposes only, this bid is for unpainted resin as shown in other pictures.

Army: Space Marines
Game: Warhammer
Brand: Games Workshop